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1619 GAMING GROUP, INC. (1619 Gaming) with corporate offices in Irving, Texas USA, is a technology development services and entertainment platforming company with a specific interest in worldwide game deployment, with specific attention to sustainable growth and monetization. The Company also provides logistics, publishing and implementation consulting to companies and individuals that currently have their own games in development and are seeking to reach a new apogee.

The Company’s mandate is to concept, design, develop and implement its own proprietary and patented games. 1619 Gaming platforms a multi-faceted and direct approach to the sales, marketing, distribution, and revenue generation of games that can be played online, in person-to-person tournament format, or through an E-Sports team-style of play..

1619 Gaming is delivering exciting game platforms that can also be played with family and friends at home in multiple socio-economic demographics. It offers many related retail products and services such as: home play game sets, player and game merchandise, dedicated real-time and historical data and entertainment portals. It also offers its clients and customers access to premium internet services, as well as affiliate discounts for goods and services.

The vision is that 1619 Gaming will become the ultimate standard for gaming production and revenue generation and will equally be looked upon as a beacon and safe haven for inventors and founders within the gaming space as a conduit for the publishing, production and/or manufacturing of both digital and retail games.


As only a nascent number of gaming companies are black owned, 1619 Gaming is recognizing and paying homage to the ancestors that on August 20, 1619 disembarked the White Lion at the America port that was then ironically called, “Point Comfort”. We know that they, and all of our ancestors, paid the ultimate and unimaginable price for each us to be able to do what we do freely today. We strive to honour their strength, courage, and spirituality. We must pay homage to their strength, their resolve; their perseverance and their sheer will to succeed no matter the circumstance, no matter what.

The DNA within us is what gives us the determination to succeed and continue the voyage and legacy build. We are a bridge to the 21st Century and beyond, built upon the foundation of our ancestors. As they sailed unknown seas, we to continue to navigate the expanse of the “digital seas”.



    BIGSTAKES5 is available for beta testers, we are very excited to hear from you!!!

    January 2021